Why are dogs as pets , haram in Islam

Islam gives permission to keep dogs for certain purposes, such as hunting, guarding livestock and protecting crops, but keeping a dog as a pet, always in the house is considered as haram (not permitted).

 Mention Of Dog in Quran

 It is interesting to know that dogs are mentioned in the Quran 5 times, not just once, 7:176, 18:18, 18:22 (three times). NO WHERE does Allah call the dogs dirty animals or give any indication that they should be avoided. However all these quoted instances do not depict dog as a pet animal, the four instances mention it as a security apparatus.

 You would have thought them lay awake, as they were sleeping

 While to the left and to the right We kept them turning

 While their dog with paws outstretching

 On the threshold, kept lying

  Had you observed them, surely in hurry you would have turned your back on them

 And been filled with awe of them

 Quran (18:18)

 So dogs may be used as guards.

   They will ask you (Oh Mohammad !) what all they are permitted

 Say , “All good things of life , to you are permitted”

 And such hunting creatures whom you teach , and teach them as Allah has taught you

 Eat what they seize for you

 And mention Allah’s name over it

 Fear Allah and (remember) Allah in reckoning is swift

 Quran (5:4)

 So Dogs may also be used for hunting, but they should be trained for it.

 The only thing that it is considered haram in Islam is to grow up the dog inside the 00-dog as pethouse, probably because of its saliva, and few other derogatory habits. The saliva of dogs often contains microscopic worms, science has shown. A dog licks his own feces, and it has been proven by scientists that a dog’s tongue is filthy and filled with bacteria and the only way to get rid of this bacteria is by washing your hands six times with water and once with dirt. How often do you see a cat licking someone? How often do you see a dog licking someone? See the difference? Dogs are not to be kept inside the house at all times. They should be kept outside.

Take a look at the ayat that the dogs may be used for hunting. For hunting they should use their mouth and saliva. The hunted things (for ex, birds) are considered as pure and halal(we should cut them with the name of Allah). Since, they are trained (which may take about several months) especially for hunting.

You might like to say that the dog has been properly injected and its Saliva is now safe, the saliva is not germfull and thus we can have them in our homes. No, keeping the hunting dogs is more harmful, we may have infants in our home and it may also affect our guests. We should keep the dogs outside like in a dog house. The dog should not be kept in the house itself. Rather, a kennel or shelter should be erected outside the house for the dog and the owner should take good care of it.

Islam gives permission to keep dogs for certain purposes, such as hunting, guarding livestock and protecting crops, but keeping a dog as a pet, always in the house is considered as haram (not permitted).

Holy Prophet (pbuh) Prohibiting the keeping of Dog in the House

The Prophet’s love, kindness and tenderness toward animals are well established in history. There’s a very popular and well-known historical incident illustrating just this.. according to this incident, as the Prophet’s (pbuh) army marched toward Makkah to conquer it in the year 630, they passed a female dog with puppies. On seeing this, the Prophet (pbuh) felt so much compassion that he not only gave orders that the puppies and their mother must not be disturbed, but also posted a man to see that this was done.

dog as pet-6The Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was asked by his companions if kindness to animals was rewarded in the hereafter, he replied ”Yes there is a meritorous reward for any kindness to every living creature.”

The holy prophet told of a prostitute who,on a hot summer day, saw a thirsty dog hovering around a well, with his tongue lolling out of his mouth. She lowered her socks down the well and used them to give water to the dog. Allah forgave all her previous sins for this one act of kindness.

 Still, In Islam it is permissable to keep a dog, although it is preferable not to. Some related Sunnah are as below:-

1.   I heard Allah’s Apostle(P.B.U.H) saying; “Angels (of Mercy) do not enter a house wherein there is a dog or a picture of a living creature (a human being or an animal).” [Hadith – Bukhari 3:515]

2.  That the Messenger of Allah said: “Whoever acquires a dog – with the exception of a dog to guard livestock, a hunting dog, or a farm dog – each day a Qirat  (a unit of measurement) is deducted from his reward. [Abu Dawood ] – Narrated Abu Hurairah


 : Sunan Abi Dawud 2844

In-book reference

 : Book 17, Hadith 1

English translation

 : Book 16, Hadith 2838

3.  The saliva of the dog is extremely naajis, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “If a dog licks the vessel of any one of you, let him throw away whatever was in it and wash it seven times.” [Reported by Muslim, no. 418].

What If The Dog Licks You ?

Here is the general rule: A dog that licks you doesn’t nullify your woudou dog as pet-2(or ablution), although his saliva is impure (Najs). This is due to the fact that ablution is only nullified by certain factors that Islamic Sharia (Law) has defined, such as going to the bathroom (urine, stool), or passing gas, or sexual intercourse, etc.. . Therefore, if a Muslim is in the state of ablution and a dog licks him, he only has to clean the impurity to have his prayer correct, because a prayer is not valid with impurity. As to the method of cleaning the saliva of a dog, a person has to remove it by washing the area seven times with water, one of which has to be with dirt (sand, soil). If you touch the dog (such as petting him on the back), or the dog touches you on dry (that is: your hand is dry and his body is dry), then, you don’t have to do any washing and you don’t lose your ablution because dry on dry doesn’t transmit impurity as agreed by all schools of thoughts. This includes the transfer of DRY dog hair. Therefore, the only time that you have to wash is either that the dog licks you, or is wet and touches you, or that your hand is wet and you pet him.

 As how to treat dog owners, just treat them as you treat any other person with respect. If you touch a dog owner’s hand and his hand was wet from the saliva of the dog, then you should wash it seven times, otherwise, if the hand is dry or wet from other source of wetness, such as from watering plants, then his hands are considered pure (Tahir) even if you know that at home, that person has a dog who licks his hands. As to the person’s clothes that may have dog hair, you should apply the same rule stated above. If the hair is wet from the dog’s saliva and you touch it, then you should wash the area that came in contact with the dog’s hair. The rule is always the same for pharmacists or grocery store owners or anyone. You should not get obsessed in this matter and you should not speculate on ’what if’. You either see dog saliva or you don’t, you either get in contact with dog saliva or you don’t. What happens at home or in the garden of dog owners when you are not present is not your responsibility. As to the issue of clothes, if a dog licks you and you put the clothes in the washing machine, then it is sufficient and you don’t have to rub them with dirt. As to dog tracks, you can walk on them and don’t have to clean your shoes unless you walked on impurity such as urine or stool. If the dog licks a leather shoe or a leather jacket that get damaged with water, then you don’t have to clean it with water. You can clean it repeatedly with tissue etc.

 Few More “Dog Things” to be Considered

  Below are the thing considered haram about dogs:

 ·1.         Eating dogs meat

          2.·     Touching dogs feces

·  3.       keeping dogs in your house and living with it

        4.·    If a wet cloth contacts  with dog,you can’t pray in that cloth and you    should wash and clean it completely. Even if the dogs fur was on your cloth it is considered unclean and you should do the above mentioned. and one of the reason for that is because dogs and pigs have numerous microbes and are dirty.

      5.  It is forbidden in Islaam to sell a dog and to receive payment for it, as is reported in Saheeh al-Bukhaari from Abu Mas’oud al-Ansaari: the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) forbade (accepting) the price of a dog. [al-Fath, no. 2237]

 6.   Dog bites typically produce crushing injuries which damage muscles, dog as pet-1tendons and nerves, whereas cat bites are more likely to produce puncture wounds. It is true that a lot of people in this world have a dog as a pet and they are still live long. BUT there are cases whereby a dog bites the hands that feeds them or attacked other passerby to death. Dogs are predators by blood. They hunt and attacked just like lions and wolves. But dogs are more proned to be kept as pet because they’re considered less wild and tame able. But a predator is still a predator especially to those smaller than it. So, why take the risk. If you want to keep dogs as hunters or guards, then keep them outside. Again, there’s also the whole saliva, dog poop and urine things.

 6.  Dander is one of the most stubborn and common allergens. Cats, dogs and other furry or feathered pets produce dander, which consists of microscopic, dandruff-like flakes of skin and proteins from saliva and urine that can trigger allergies and aggravate asthma.If you’re allergic to dander, the easiest route to allergy relief is to find your pet a new home.


          Islam has reason for everything. In Islam it is permissible to keep a dog, although it is preferable not to. Dogs and pigs can smell when the woman is horny and dogs come closer to the woman and will attempt to have sex. If woman is naked and if you bring any animal towards that naked woman then no other animal will go near to that naked woman except the dog and pig. And in fact they will attempt to have sex with them.

 dog as pet-4             In today world you can see woman’s now have sex with pigs and    dogs not forcibly but willingly. That’s why it is not allowed inside the house but can stay in farm for livestock or farming protection.  It’s a honest animal but when it comes to sex, there is no honesty. The dogs might turn as terribly harsh also.The videos below might illustrate my point, and convince you of not keeping the dog as a pet.

Dog humping girl

A baby’s died after being mauled to death by..

Girl mauled by four dogs in New Zealand

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