The Warnings and The Fate of Firown

Allah gives humans enough guidance and warnings , before their fate gets sealed. Same was true for Firown.

  Pharaoh or Firown is one of the most discussed and important character of ancient Egyptian history. He is mentioned in Bible, Torah and the Holy Quran. The most authentic accounts of pharaoh and Egypt is mentioned in Quran which are exact when compared with tangible historical data. Pharaoh regarded himself as deity and responded with slanders and threats to Prophet Musa’s (AS) calls for him to believe in Allah. The arrogance of pharaoh was punished by Allah and it was mentioned in Quran.
  • ·         Firown was famous and very cruel king of Egypt.firown-1
  •  ·         He declared that he was GOD.
  •  ·         He tortured the people who did not worship him.
  •  ·         God sent Prophet Musa (PBUH) –A messenger of God, to save people from the oppression and cruelty, and to warn people to turn towards the true path of the true God.
  •  ·         Firown and his people thought that Prophet Musa want to change the traditional religion prevalent in the time of Firown, and which benefitted Firown a lot. So he refused to deny even the existence of God, and made jokes about it.

Period Of Disaster

  • ·          God sent various disasters upon Firown and his people.
  •  ·          The first disaster was drought, as stated in verse (Al Quran 7:130)
  •  ·         Following drought, God sent powerful rain and storm.
  •  ·          Insects covered the cities with black clouds.
  •  ·          Entire land was covered by the plague of frogs (in homes and streets.
  •  ·         The water of river and the wells of Egypt turned into blood, so the people was wrapped into thirst.
  •  ·         The relevant verse from Quran (Al Quran 7:133)
  •  ·         The land to its whole extent was filled with confusion and noise.
  •  ·         For nine days there was no exit from the palace and no one could see the face of his fellow
  •  ·          When they could not stand any more they turned to Prophet Musa, although this was hard on their pride and arrogance. They promised him that they would believe in true God , if he would remove the torments from them.
  •  ·         Relevant verse from Quran (Al Quran 7:134)
  •  ·         God responded to Prophet Musa’s prayers and removed the punishment from them for a certain time, but they exhibited the untrustworthy character. (Al Quran 7:135)
  •  ·         After denials of so many chances , Allah decided to seal their fate (AlQuran 7:136)7_136      And so we inflicted our retribution on them and cause them drown in the sea , Because they had cried lies to our messages and heedless they would be(136)
  •  ·         Eventually God commanded Prophet Musa to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt.
  •  ·         As God commanded, Prophet Musa and his people left Egypt that very Mid Night
  •  ·          When Firown came to know about their departure, he was consumed by a terrible anger,as he regarded himself as the owner and the so called God of Egypt.
  •  ·         Firown mobilized his soldiers and set out after the children of Israel (Prophet Musa and his associates).
  •  ·         Prophet Musa moved fast but were stopped at the sea front, where they could not move further.
  •  ·  Moses tore the sea       When Prophet Musa and people got stuck at the sea front, on the command of God, he used his staff, and the sea parted to allow the Israelies move through it.
  •  ·         Firown and his people followed through the sea, but the sea closed andFirown ‘s army and he himself died in the closing waters.
  •  ·         At the last minute, Firown tried to repent, but his repentance was not accepted.
  •  ·         These events are described in Quran in verses (Al Quran 10:90-92)the route oh Musa
  •  ·         The body of Firown was discovered fro the red sea in the year 1898, but Quran had stated the facts nearly 1400 years ago.
  •  Egypt Mummies DNA·         It is almost impossible for a man (Prophet Mohammad) sitting in the desert,  to exactly state the events which took place about 2000 years, and make a connection with that past about a prediction in the future. So It is clear that verses of Quran are nothing but the Words of God.

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