The Perished Nation of Aad

Have they not journeyed in the land and seen

How was the end of those, living earlier who had been

Greater in power, they were

And exploited the earth in a much better manner

Their messengers came to them with signs very clear

And Allah would never wrong them, but they themselves were wrong-doer (30:9)

In a very significant Quranic story about perished nations Quran mentioned the people called Aad or Ad, they had built an important city with very huge pillars called iram., and they had lived in a region called by Quran Al-ahqaf which is thought to be at the south of the Arabic Peninsula.

You have not seen

With Aad (people), what the treatment of your Lord had been (89:6)

Irum of Pillars (89:7)

Who on the land were created without any parallels (89:8)


Allah sent his messenger Prophet Hud to the “Aad’s” Aad-4people to call them not to worship Idols and believe in Allah the creator of the heavens and earth, but they denied and insisted on their ignorance and delusion. The Qur’an states that ‘Ad went astray of the right path because of their arrogance and said:

Now as for (tribe of Ad) on earth they walked arrogantly

Against all right, saying, “who could have power greater than we”

Were they then, not aware, that Allah who created them

Had power greater than them

And they went on

With rejection of Our revelation (41:15)

Furious wind lasting for “seven nights and eight days” by the Qur’an’s description, accumulated tons of sand on top of the city and buried people under the earth alive. Excavations made in Ubar point to the same possibility. The French magazine, Ça M’Interesse states the following: “Ubar was buried under a sand of twelve metres thickness as a result of a storm.” 

As for Aad, they were made extinct

By a wind, clamorous and  violent (69:6)

Continuously for seven nights and eight days

The raging winds stayed

One could see the people laid low

 like old trunks of palm trees hollow (69:7)

Now see you cannot

Any of their remnant (69:8)


But at the time of Quran’s revelation,  till about  1400 years there was no sign of this city. so some people started questioning this city. Those with less faith in Islam, highlighted this and other such issues as “fiction”. Many people had suggested ‘Ad was a legend or that the location in question could never be found. Such people could not conceal their astonishment when the news about the phenomenal discovery of the city, started pouring in .

Since about two decades there was a breakthrough in proving the facts mentioned by Quran about this amazing city. The remains of the city of Ubar, where ‘Ad lived, were found somewhere near to the coasts of Oman.At the beginning of 1990, press-releases in the well-known newspapers of the world declared “Fabled Lost Arabian city found,” “Arabian city of Legend found” and “The Atlantis of the Sands, Ubar.” What rendered this archaeological find particularly intriguing was the fact that this city is mentioned in the Qur’an.

 The most important evidence showing that ‘Aad were buried by a sand storm, is the word “ahqaf” used in the Qur’an to signify the location of ‘Aad. The description used in Surat al-Ahqaf is as follows:

And remember the brother of (tribe) Ad, besides sand dunes,

when he warned his nation

But there have been warners before him and after him

(All saying things similar) “ Worship Allah alone, truly I fear for you

Lest on an awesome day, sufferings befall you (46:21)


They answered, “ Have you

Come to seduce us away from our gods, bring then you

The sufferings with which you threaten us,

if you are a man of true words  (46:22)


Said he, “ Knowledge (of when it is to befall) rest with Allah alone

I only convey to you the message, which I have been given

But I see you lot

As people ignorant (46:23)


Then when they saw a dense cloud approaching their valleys

They said, “This is the cloud, rain for us that carries”

But Hud said, “Not so, it is very thing you sought to hasten

A wind carrying painful sufferings within (46:24)


Destroying everything by its Lord’s order

So in the morning nothing was visible there

Except their living accommodation

Thus We recompense people, lost in sin (46:25)

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