Speed Of Light In Quran

Behind a great Quranic verse, there is a hidden signal to the speed of light. Recently that signal was discovered by scientists, God says: 


 He governs

All that exists in earth and heavens

Then these [affairs] to Him shall be returning  

 In a day, the length of which is a thousand years of your reckoning (32:5)

In 1969, and during their trip to the moon the astronauts put a glass speed of light-1mirrors on the surface of the moon and scientists on earth sent a Laser beam to be reflected on these mirrors to back again to the earth . By that they calculated the precise distance between earth and moon. And with the help of that distance, they calculated the exact speed of light, which turned out to be exactly that signaled in the holy Quran, revealed 1400 years ago.

If we observe the moon from outside the solar system , we can seespeed of light-4 that moon is revolving a complete round around earth every 27.3 day , but because earth revolves around itself so we see the moon is completing the round every 29.5 day .

speed of Light-3The moon revolves around earth a complete round every month, but because earth is also revolving around itself and in the same direction so that we see the month is 29.5 day but in fact it only takes 27.3days for the moon to complete the round. The question is what is the traveled distance by the moon around earth in 1000 year?

A Muslim scientist put forward an idea which is: the holy verse refers to two equal times and that is some kind of the relatively. God be He blessed says:


 And (oh Muhammad) they demand of you to hasten the suffering

Allah will not fail His promise; a day with lord is thousand years of your counting (22:47)


 so we have a day and a one thousand year, how can we make them equal? And what is the common factor?

Scientists consider the speed of light is a distinguished speed and there is no object that can  reach that speed. So whenever the speed of an object increases therefore the time for that object will slow down. Therefore if any object reached the speed of light, the time will stop for that object. that is the summary of Theory of relativity.

The moon revolves around earth in a non- circular (Oblate) orbit .Distance between both of them is about 384 thousand km. Moon revolves around earth in a speed of 1 km / second. According to the International standards, speed of the light in the empty space is 299792 km/second.

If we called the mentioned day in the verse with “the cosmic day” to distinguish it from our ordinary day so according to the holy verse (And verily, a day with your Lord is as a thousand years of what you reckon) we can write the equation as the following:

“One cosmic day” = “one thousand year (according to our calculations)”

So, there is a hidden relationship between length of the day and length of the one thousand year. What is the relation?

1.     Calculation of the length of the one thousand year

The determination of months and years is based on the movement of the moon. so the month for us is a one complete round for the moon around the earth. We know that moon revolves one round every month around earth, so it will be 12 rounds in the year. God says :-

 In Allah’s sight, there are twelve months

It is the decree of Allah (since) He cre

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