Science says, the Doomsday is Fast Approaching

The doomsday is also called the Judgement day, since it is on this day that  Allah will judge people based on their deeds, when they were alive, and decide who will enter Paradise and who will enter the Hellfire. The Day is also known as the Day of Resurrection, the day of Reckoning, the Hour, and the Last Day. It is also the day when the eternal life in the hereafter shall begin. There are two main sources in Islamic  scripture that discuss the Last Judgment, the  “Qur’an”, which is viewed in Islam as infallible, and “hadith”, or sayings of the prophet.

 The Qur’an describes the Last day of Judgment, with a number of interpretations of its verses.


Let there be no doubt that the last hour shall be there

And Allah shall raise all, (even) inside their graves who are

(Al-Quran ; Surat al-Hajj, 7)

There are other verses with specific aspects like:-judgement day-2

* The time is known only to Allah. (Quran  33:63)

* (Even) Prophet  Muhammad cannot bring it forward. (Quran  6:57)

* Those who have been dead will believe that a short time has passed between birth and death. (Quran  10:45) Nothing will remain except Allah. (Quran  28:88)

* God will resurrect all, even if they have turned to stone or iron. (Quran  17:49)

* Those that have accepted false deities will suffer in the afterlife. (Quran 11:17)

When shall the doomsday occur ? The Holy Quran has answered these and many other related questions about the Doomsday in hundreds of verses. Quran has  more than 100 names of this great event and it is believed that the significance of each name is that it reveals a peculiar secret about the incident . The most common name of this event is Qiyamah which has appeared 70 times in the Holy Quran.

Some other names of Qiyamat which throw considerable light on what will happen on this day are as follows

1 – Yaumul- Hisab: i.e., The day when the final and total accountability of all human deeds will take place.

2 – Yaumul-Akhera: i.e., The final and the last day after which no any other event will occur.

3 – Yaumut- Talaq: i.e., The day when all belongings will be detached from doomsday-2their owners.

4 – Yaumul- Hashr: i.e., The day when all the human beings will gather to know their ultimate fate.

5 – Yaumul-Fasl: i.e., The day when a clear separation between the evil-doers and vir tuous will take place or the day when all existing relationships among humans will be cut off.

6 – Yaumul-Jamaa: i.e., The day when every thing that existed will be brought into account.
7 – Yaumud-Deen: i.e., The day when the final judgment of all affairs with absolute justice will be declared.

8 – Yaumul- Huq: i.e., The day when only truth will prevail.

9 – Yamus-Saah: i.e., The definite time when all of us will be resurrected for final judgment.

10 – Yaumul-Baath: i.e., The day when all dead people will be given a new life.

11 – Yaumun-Nashr: i.e., The day when who were born in this world will rise.

12 – Yaumul-La-yanfaul maal wala banoon: i.e., The day when all material belongings and family relationships will be of no use.

Thus, summing-up the meanings of these words used in the Holy Quran, and connecting it with other facts described in other verses and hadiths, a clear picture of the Doomsday can be visualized.

The Day of Judgment, contrary to many people’s belief, is fast approaching. The latest scientific studies are all hurling its early arrival. When it arrives, Earth and everything belonging to it will be destroyed.  All religious books of all religions give a sequence of events that will precede the day of judgement.  The books may vary in symbols, but all indicators show that the day is nearer everyday.

The Modern Science , by her own yardstick is confirming that Hundreds of thousands of asteroids are ready to hit the earth at any moment

The Modern Science , by her own yardstick is confirming that Hundreds of thousands of asteroids are ready to hit the earth at any moment,  have surrounded it like a cloud. If a hard asteroid of size 200 meters hits an ocean (which otherwise covers 70% of the Earth), the tsunami (i.e., giant waves) it would create would inflict catastrophic destruction of coastal cities and substantial worldwide human casualties along coastlines. If an asteroid of size 1 kilometer hits the Earth, it would cause a dust cloud which would block out sunlight for at least a year and lead to a deep worldwide winter, exhausting food supplies. The latter is what caused the dinosaur extinction, as well as other major extinctions of smaller creatures in geologic time scales.

The universe and all of its contents, not just humanity, will die on the Day of Judgment, for on that Day the trial will end. Many people will recognize its coming by its signs, and the events leading up to the universe’s death will be literally hair-raising. Finally, on that Day, Allah will raise up all those in the graves and all people on the Earth will be called to account.

Those who did not expect to experience such a Day will no longer be able to deny it, and so will bow to Allah’s will whether they want to or not. Allah has prepared a spectacular end for the universe, and despite most people’s attempts to deny this reality, the Day of Judgment will come at its appointed time.

Hundreds of thousands of astreoids ready to hit…

The day of Judgement :

Signs of Last day

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