Quran’s challenge of literary excellence

Only the holy Quran achieves the highest level of literary excellence – so much so that it brings people to ecstasy and tears. Quran is so masterfully written, so brilliant and awe-inspiring in every detail, it could only have come from God. It deal with matters of belief, law, politics, ritual, spirituality,  and economics  in an ‘entirely new literary form. There does not exist a single book, secular or religious, which has as many memorisers of it, as the holy Quran.

Prophets For Guidance Of Mankind

Since the dawn of creation, Allah, the almighty, has always been defining, the path to be followed by his creation , to lead a peaceful life in this world, and for abundant of gains in the next world. In most cases, these guide lines were by a Prophet who was a practical example of “what to do” , and also spoke verbally of what all needs to be done.

Each Prophet was wisely selected by Allah in order to be the best person for the job. He was then provided by Allah with miracles as proof of his truthfulness and his message. These miracles were wisely selected by Allah in order to be in the same field as that which these people excelled in so that they could fully comprehend the magnitude of these miracles. For instance:-

  1. The people during the time of Prophet Moosa (Moses) excelled at magical trickery.

    Fig-09 – Prophet Moosa Parted the sea with his staff

    Their rulers used to surround themselves with the most powerful of these wizards as asign of power. This is why Allah made the miracles of Moosa (as) similar to their magical trickery (changing a stick into a snake, parting of the sea… etc.) but of a much greater magnitude than anything they could ever hope to accomplish. For they were not tricks, but actual physical miracles.


  1. The people at the time of the Prophet Jesus (as) excelled in matters of medicine. For this reason, his miracles were of a medical nature (raising of the dead, healing of the blind…etc.), but of a degree that they could never hope to imitate.


  1. Similarly, one of the major miracles of Islam was a new and unheard-of type of

    Quran is so masterfully written, so brilliant and awe-inspiring in every detail, it could only have come from God

    literature similar to the Bedouin’s poetry but far beyond anything they could ever hope to match. Although they did indeed try. This new literature was called “The Quran.”


Arabs Excelled In Poetry

 The Arabs in the time of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) had no civilization to speak of – no magnificent roads or public buildings, nor scientific or medical institutions. In fact, they lived a most primitive and barbarous existence. There was one thing in which they excelled – that was their language. They were extremely fond of poetry, and prided themselves in their poetic abilities. They praised each other, admonished – and even argued – in poetry. There was even an annual market in Uhaz just for poetry – the finest of which was hung on the door of the Ka’abah. The age of Prophet Mohammad was a time when the Arabs were at the peak of their linguistic abilities. Indeed, one of the finest poems ever written in Arabic was that of Labaid ibn Rabiyah, whose poem, when recited at Uhaz, caused the Arabs to prostrate before him in admiration. When this same Labaid began to hear the verses of Quran, he embraced Islam, and gave up poetry altogether. When he was once asked to recite some poetry he said: “What! After the Quran?” Indeed, many of the Arabs entered into Islam just from hearing the Quran, because for them it was a conclusive proof of its Divine origin. They knew that no man could produce such eloquence. Indeed the Quran is so masterfully written, so brilliant and awe-inspiring in every detail, that it could only have come from God.

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