Producer of Anti-Islamic Film , Performs Hajj

A Dutch politician who was a producer of anti-Islamic film is now a repentant soul, who has accepted Islam earlier this year, performed Hajj and Umra, and plans to launch the first Islamic political party in Europe. He bitterly regrets his actions and wants to make amends by producing a film showing Islam in a positive light.

001- RepentanceArnoud Van Doorn has said “I hope that my tears of regret will wash out all my sins after my repentance,” he added as his tears flow.“I felt ashamed standing in front of the Prophet’s grave. I thought of the grave mistake which I had made by producing that sacrilegious film”.


For years now the state sponsored anti-Islam gangs have been targeting Muslims and Islamic faith. Western anti-Islam hate campaign unleashed, upon the Sept-11 hoax, through the media, has negatively influenced people globally. Although an impression has been created that some sick individuals are trying to create wedge between Muslims and Christians, it is quite apparent that the Western terro-creating regimes, led by dictatorial USA, and their intelligences are solidly behind the smear campaign to terrorize the humanity. After all, all anti-Islam vague ideas are born in USA.

Unlike others, Muslims are too religious about their faith and insults to Prophet or Holy Quran are opposed by most of millions of Muslims on earth.

Knowing that Muslims are serious about their religion- more than anything else, the anti-Islamic silly rogues keep provoking and intimidating Islamic faith with full protection by the global state terror nations, the terro-creating regimes.

Muslims find it offensive to depict Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAS) in any manner, let alone insult the prophet whom many even adore almost equal to God. A Danish newspaper’s 2005 publication of 12 caricatures of the prophet triggered riots in many Muslim countries. Anti-Islamic nuts and organizations are still working at destabilizing Islamic world, killing Muslims and defaming Islam.

Insulting the Prophet of Muhammad (SAS), burning of holy Quran, denying permission to Muslim women to wear veil as per the Islamic faith, attacking the minarets and mosques, insulting, terrorizing and killing Muslims have become a routine dangerous acts of anti-Islamic world. The notorious elements in the US-led Western world are continuing unabashedly with the anti-Islam tirade, engaging in extreme type of hate activities in their bid to project Islam, its Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the Holy Qur’an in bad light.

One offense of such extra fanatic anti-Islam individuals was relating to production of a sacrilegious anti-Islam Internet film “Fitna” that had sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world and further strengthened anti-Americanism as was evident from a series of attacks on US targets worldwide .

Anti-Islam to Hajj-4Van Doorn regretted taking part in the film, which he said contained a lot of misleading and incorrect information about the Prophet (pbuh). However, he also denied producing or directing “Fitna”.“I only publicized and marketed the film while I was responsible for information and public relations in Geert Wilders’ political party (Dutch Party for Freedom), which produced the film,” he said. Van Doorn regretted taking part in the film, which he said contained a lot of misleading and incorrect information about the Prophet (pbuh).

Van Doorn said: “I have taken a solemn pledge to work day and night in theAnti-Islam to Hajj-1 service of Islam to atone for my previous sins. I hope that Allah will accept my repentance and forgive me.”He said he will produce a film called “Muhammad: Master of Human Beings” in collaboration with the Canadian Dawa Society, which had invited him to perform Haj. “We will also produce a series of short stories based on the Prophet’s (pbuh) life story in five languages for distribution all over Europe,” he said. he would also produce a film about Madinah’s history called “Madinah: The Light of Islam.”

Doorn said he is compiling a book about the things he had seen during Haj. “I will never forget the sight of a security man carrying an old woman pilgrim on his back and running with her all the way to the Jamarat bridge to stone the Satan,” he said. “Haj provided him with an excellent opportunity to find out more about Islam and Muslims and that he intends to write a book about his experiences”.

Van Doorn said “I have regretted my previous sins.“My entire life before Islam is a complete emptiness and void, and  he has been explaining Islam to his mother, wife and three children and they have started to understand this religion.

He is also aiming to establish the first Islamic political party in Europe. The party will focus on serving Islam and Muslims not only in the Netherlands but Europe as whole, said Arnoud van Doorn, who had reverted to Islam about a year ago and performed Hajj this year. He also performed Umrah in February.

The concept of tawbah (Repentance) is amazingly beautiful and unique in Islam. We don’t confess to any intermediary; we turn to our Creator directly.

Allah al-Ghaffaar opened the gate of repentance to Himself and commanded us to turn to Him. This is an amazing combination! The fact that we can repent at any time and the fact that Allah gave us the knowledge of how to repent is a great rahmah (mercy).  Tawbah is an opportunity! Thus Quran says, (66:8)-


Oh believers! Turn to Allah in sincere repentance

Hopefully, He shall remove evils from your performance

Anti-Islam to Hajj-12 

And in gardens shall make you enter

Underneath which, flow the river


Upon the day, when Allah will not permit to be put to shame

His Prophet and those who believed with him


Their light shall travel before the

And on the right of them


And they say, “Our Lord! Perfect for us our light, absolve (sins from) us all

You are powerful over things all

(Quran -66: 8)



According to Islamic teachings, Repentance is the most noble and beloved form of obedience in the eyes of Allah the All Mighty. He loves those who repent. Repentance has a status that no other form of worship has. This is why Allah is extremely happy when a servant repents just as a traveller is happy when he finds his lost mount in the desert.

Feeling Allah’s satisfaction has its great impact on the heart of the one repenting. Hence, the repenting person reaches the status of being amongst the beloved through his repentance. Moreover, repentance brings about humbleness and a sense of helplessness to the only Creator; Allah, and that is not easily acquired through other forms of worship.

Allah says in the Qur’an: (25:70)


Save him who repents and believes, and does righteous action

It is they whose bad deeds Allah will change into good action


For Allah is all-forgiving


(Quran- 25:70)


This is a greatest glad tiding for those who repent and combine their repentance with deep faith and good deeds. Repentance breeds good deeds,

Anti-Islam to Hajj-6

Anti-Islam to Hajj-6

whilst sinning (without repentance) can cause deprivation of obedience altogether. It has been said that committing sins regularly will darken and harden the heart and make purifying it once again a difficult mission. It may even lead a person to reject Allah completely (Allah forbid) or lead him to commit a bigger sin. There is no recourse for a sinner except to ask Allah for forgiveness and to feel great regret for his actions. Repentance is to repent from the heart, to train the heart into obedience and to make a firm resolution never to commit the sin again. Thus great are the people who repent sincerely and stick firmly to the path defined by Allah.

But then Allah has also sent Shaitian (devils) in this world. Anti-Islam global mentality is really showing the enemy of Islam and humanity in a negative and uncivil light. People are sick why they can’t respect all regardless anything. At times, people all over the world are very sensitive about their respective religions. Muslims are always serious of about their religion even when anti-Islam fanatics try to fuel crisis between Islam and other religions.

But as the anti-Islamic activities are increasing, so is the Muslim population throughout the world. Call it the converting of non-Muslims to this religion, or call it the population growth among Muslim communities.

Anti-Islam to Hajj-9Is Islam the fastest growing religion in the world? Is it the fastest growing religion in America? The demographics tell us that the answer is yes to both questions. Twenty years ago, the world had about 1.1 billion Muslims. Twenty years from now, it will have about twice as many – and they’ll represent more than a quarter of all people on earth, according to a new study released recently. That’s a rise from less than 20 percent in 1990. The survey says, Muslims in the United States will more than double, to 6.2 million, it anticipates in the next two decades, Pakistan will overtake Indonesia as home of the largest number of Muslims, Afghanistan’s population will nearly double, to about 50.5 million, making it home to the ninth largest Muslim population in the world. Israel will become nearly a quarter Muslim. The Palestinian territories have one of the highest growth rates in the world. And two western European countries – France and Belgium – will become more than 10 percent Muslim. Sweden will hover just below that level, at 9.9 percent.

Thus we find a very long list of western celebrities, understanding the truth and converting to Islam. This producer of Anti-Islam film, Mr Arnoud Van Doorn, has taken the right step, and probably has saved his soul. Thus he deserve our appreciation.

The religion of Islam is not named after a person as in the case of Christianity which was named after Jesus Christ, Buddhism after Gotama Buddha, Confucianism after Confucius, and Marxism after Karl Marx. Nor was it named after a tribe like Judaism after the tribe of Judah and Hinduism after the Hindus. Islam is the true religion of “Allah” and as such, its name represents the central principle of Allah’s “God’s” religion; the total submission to the will of Allah “God”. The Arabic word “Islam” means the submission or surrender of one’s will to the only true god worthy of worship “Allah” and anyone who does so is termed a “Muslim”, The word also implies “peace” which is the natural consequence of total submission to the will of Allah. Hence, it was not a new religion brought by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Arabia in the seventh century, but only the true religion of Allah re-expressed in its final form.

Anti-Islam to Hajj-10We pray to Allah, the exalted, to keep us all on the right path to which He has guided us, and to bestow on us a blessing from Him, He is indeed the Most Merciful. Praise and gratitude be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, and peace and blessings be on prophet Mohammed (pbuh), his Family, his companions, and those who rightly follow them.


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