Story About Keys Of Kaaba

The Kaaba is revered by all Muslims, and its door is a subject of curiosity and fascination by worshippers. Most of us think that the keys to the Holy Kaaba are held excusivly by the saudi ...Read More

Mention Of Mosquito In Quran

Allah has given the example of a Mosquito in Quran, to show us how this little creature has an extremely complicated structure . There are scientific miracles that remained unknown till our modern age. The most ...Read More

She only spoke verses From Quran

This is the true story of an elderly lady , who for 40 years spoke only from the verses of Quran. Sayyiduna Imam Abdullah bin Mubarak, one of the most eminent students of imam abu Hanafiah ...Read More

Desecrating The Grave Of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Noor uddin Zangi was a Muslim general who saw holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in dream. The events that followed the dreams lead him to built a molten metal protection around the holy grave of prophet Muhammad ...Read More

The Place Where Prophethood Was Bestowed

Jabal Hira, also called Jabal-Noor is the place where Prophethood was bestowed upon the greatest man on this earth , at tahajjud time during the night of power in the month of Ramdan. It was a ...Read More

Never Lose Hope Of Allah’s Mercy

“Never Lose Hope Of Allah's Mercy” is conveyed to humans by Allah Almighty through many verses of holy Quran, and is a message for all who might have committed sins of any nature and any extent, ...Read More
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