The Qur'an relates the life of the Prophet Musa (as) with great clarity. As it tells of the conflict with the Pharaoh and his dealings with the Children of Israel, the Qur'an reveals a wealth of ...Read More

Title Of The Rulers Of Egypt

In the Old Testament, the Egyptian ruler during the period of Prophet Ibrahim (as) and Prophet Yusuf (as) are named "Pharaoh." However, this title was actually employed after the eras in which these two Prophets lived. ...Read More

A Lesson For Those, Blessed With Insight

Few months back, we heard news about a disgraceful personality, who had the cheeks to make caricature cartoons of our beloved holy Prophet. Somebody in the Muslim world should have taken a tough stand, unfortunately none ...Read More

Dead Body of Firown as Sign for people

In a manner of almost a time-machine, Holy Quran predicted the preservation of the body of Firown which was in the waters since about 2000 years, and which was to appear after about 1200 years. For ...Read More

The Warnings and The Fate of Firown

Allah gives humans enough guidance and warnings , before their fate gets sealed. Same was true for Firown.   Pharaoh or Firown is one of the most discussed and important character of ancient Egyptian history. He ...Read More

The Strange Story Of Dr Maurice Bucaille

Far from encouraging renunciation of the world, Islam calls upon mankind to study the existence of God, and reflect on it. Indeed, the Glorious Quran contains many scientific facts concerning varied fields such as botany, physiology, ...Read More
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