Science says, the Doomsday is Fast Approaching

The doomsday is also called the Judgement day, since it is on this day that  Allah will judge people based on their deeds, when they were alive, and decide who will enter Paradise and who will ...Read More

Ants Speak – Another Quran’s  Amazing  Miracle

Scientists have discovered that ants routinely talk to each other in their nests with the queen ants issuing instructions to their workers. Scientists used miniaturized microphones and speakers, unobtrusively inserted into nest to make the first ...Read More

Quran on Finger Prints

Every man in this world has a unique identity in the shape of finger prints, and this knowledge has been discovered lately in the nineteenth century. Before that people regarded the finger prints as ordinary curves ...Read More

We made the sky a preserved and protected roof

The atmosphere is a gaseous envelope of 10,000 km surrounding our planet, invisible to the eye. Millions of meteorites of varying sizes keep falling from space in the direction of our world. Despite its transparent structure, ...Read More

A Miraculous Russian Baby

?syndication=191326 Born to Non-Muslim Parents, a Russian baby has caused stir in society, by the frequent appearance of Quranic verses on her body. Parents and doctors initially thought the verses as some kind of birth-marks, till ...Read More

Speed Of Light In Quran

Behind a great Quranic verse, there is a hidden signal to the speed of light. Recently that signal was discovered by scientists, God says:   He governs All that exists in earth and heavens Then these [affairs] ...Read More
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