When the Sun Shall Rise From the West

Religion (Islam) and science (NASA) both agree that one day, Sun shall rise from the west, and that shall be a harbinger of hereafter. It is a doomsday prophesy as stated by our holy Prophet (pbuh) ...Read More

Why Hijab for Muslim Women

Hijab for Muslim Women is a covering for care of chastity and an identity card to pronounce their  respect for the laws of their Almighty Allah. It frees them from being valued for their looks, or ...Read More

Darwin Theory is Against the Word of Allah

Darwin's theory or the theory of Evolution is still being taught in our schools and colleges as a proven scientific theory, and is a very important part of Biology. Though the theory is in direct conflict ...Read More

Why is Pork Prohibited In Islam

Pork and products made from pork are strictly prohibited in Islam for plenty of reasons. Its eating can cause about seventy different diseases. A believer understands that God is the Most Wise and the Most Just; ...Read More

The Moon Split Into Two Halves And Then Rejoined

Among many miracles of Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him), one is splitting of the moon, which the believers always believed, but the non-believers kept making fun of the idea till American Space shuttles ...Read More

The Perished Nation of Aad

Have they not journeyed in the land and seen How was the end of those, living earlier who had been Greater in power, they were And exploited the earth in a much better manner Their messengers ...Read More
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