Google Earth Proves That Holy Prophet Was Right

No human on earth can draw a straight line on the surface of the earth between two far cities (815 kms to be exact)except without the aid of detailed maps, made possible today due to airplanes, satellites, and knowledge of latitude, longitude, and land height. However, there was a person who had done this 1400 years ago. This person is the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

kaaba & Sanaa Masjiid


The Grand Mosque in Sana’a  is one of the most important mosques, not just in Yemen but in the whole Islamic world. This historic building is believed to have been first constructed during the life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) in the 6th year A.H. It is considered to be among the world’s earliest mosques (the third, to precise), preceded only by the Kaa’ba Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque in Madina. 

As the light of Islam was spreading, it was considered necessary to build the masjids. Sanaa masjid in Yemen was the first masjid to be constructed on orders of the holy Prophet (pbuh), outside the Madina area.   The problem was that prayers must be offered facing exactly towards the holy Kaaba. We are talking of era 630 AD. There were no maps, compasses, telescopes or any other such gadget to assist in drawing a straight line over a distance of 815 kms, with a mountain in between. Holy Prophet gave instructions, and google-earth cameras have confirmed that prayers are being offered with faces exactly towards the holy Kaaba.

Legend holds that the Great Mosque in Sana’a, Al-Jam’a al-Kabir, was built at the command of the Prophet Muhammad era 630 AD. Detailed in this command were the intended dimensions and location of the mosque, which sits between the ancient mound of the extinct Himyarite palace of Ghamdan and a rock called Malamlama, which now rests underground. The mosque, said to be the second oldest in Islam after the Great Mosque of Medina, differs from its sister structure in Saudi Arabia in that it retains much of its original character which endured the rise and fall of the city’s various leaderships. While the mosque in Medina remains one of the holiest sites in Islam, numerous structural interventions have so altered its architecture that much of its sacred austerity is lost and the mosque no longer resembles an ancient building. This site is now as much a tourist attraction for pilgrims and other visitors as it is a place for community worship.


While the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was in Madinah Al-Munawarah, Allah instructed him that he should face in the direction of the Sacred Mosque in Makkah. From then on, it became the Qiblah for Muslims.



We have seen you, repeatedly turning your face towards heaven

We will surely turn you towards a direction of your satisfaction

Towards Holy Mosque (Kaabah) turn your face

And where ever you are turn your faces

Those who have been given the scripture

Know it (Change in prayer direction) is the truth from their Sustainer

Allah is not uninformed

Of what all they have performed

(Quran- 2:144)

And from then on, Islam was spreading. After the victory of (Fatih Makkah) people came and entered Islam in great numbers, and people of Yemen were among the first to accept the religion 0f Allah, outside the Makkah and Madina. Then, the prophet (peace be upon him) started to sent the teachers to these people to teach them Islam. One of them was Wabr ibn Yohanas Al-Khozaee whom the prophet (peace be upon him) sent to Yemen (Sana’a). He was ordered to teach people of Sanaa and to build them a Mosque,  by features the prophet (peace be upon him) had defined to him.

Sanaa Mosque-1Al-Tabarani narrates in the Mu’jam Al-wsat saying:

Wabr ibn Yohanas Al-Khozaee said: the prophet (peace be upon him) said to me ‘ if you build the mosque of Sana’a, make it to the right of a mountain called Deyn’. To explain, (Al-Hafez Al-Rahzey says in his book ‘The History of Sana’a) that the prophet (peace be upon him) ordered Wabr ibn Yohanas Al-Khozaee to build the mosque in Bathan park, from where is found a rock in Gamdan and face it to a mountain called Deyn 

The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him),1400 years ago, ordered to build the mosque at Sana’a facing Jabal-e-deen .If we use Google Earth and draw a straight line from the mosque Sana’a to the Qibla which is in Makkah, it will pass through the peak of jabal-e-deen and will end at the center of Kaba. 

How could someone 1400 years ago have shown the exact direction for kaaba from a far away city without using the new aids needed for such a process. Unless he has been instructed so by God almighty.

Included below, a  video is being presented. This video is in Arabic with English translation. For anybody who has read the text post, it should be a simple matter to understand the video.


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