Dead Body of Firown as Sign for people

In a manner of almost a time-machine, Holy Quran predicted the preservation of the body of Firown which was in the waters since about 2000 years, and which was to appear after about 1200 years. For these 1200 years , the opponents of Islam kept joking about the holy prediction, blaming it to be a lier’s verdict. But were stunned when the body was found and identified , not by a Muslim but by a Christian. It was confirmed that :-

Firown was a tyrant of his age, but God’s will was to drown Firown and deliver his body to be seen by our age so that his body becomes a symbol.  Firown‘s body was preserved in a perfect shape, such that it amazed the scientists who supervised on analysis of his corps, how come no fish etc ever harmed his body in spite of his being drowned for a very long time? How was he pulled out from the sea depth and came to us today?.

1. This is the dead body of Firown Ramese II , the Egyptian Firown (king) Its age is approximately 3000 years The body of the Firown was discovered in 1898 in the Red Sea at the place called jabalian


“Today We (Allah) will preserve (save) your body so you can be a Sign for people who come after you. Surely many people are heedless of Our Signs.”
(Quran chapter10: Verse92)

  2. This body is now displayed in the Royal Mummies Chamber of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. This dead body is amazingly preserved without any mummification; no inside organs have been removed. Even the mummies which were found preserved with plenty of chemicals are not so well preserved as this mummy , without any preservation , was.

  3. Firown’s body was inside the sea for more than 3000 years Fish in the sea could have easily eaten the flesh, but they didn’t.


  The secret lay in the below quoted verse of Quran , whose translation is written above and below, where Allah the almighty is certifying that the body of Firown shall be preserved and shall be a sign for people to understand that nobody can be arrogant against the commands of Allah.

10:92[Quranic verse 10:92]

So today we shall save only your body, so that you

May be a (warning) sign for those who come after you

Surely many men

Are heedless to our revelation (10:92)

When Prophet Musa  and his brother Haroon , may peace be on both, were commissioned to prophet hood ,they were directed to deliver the message of Allah to Pharaoh , the arrogant and the transgressor. They asked him to liberate the Israelites from his bondage and there are several mentions of this communication in the Holy Quran:

  •   We are the Messengers of the Lord of the worlds. ( Al Quran 26:17)(Al Quran 20:25)(Al Quran 20:44)
  •   And We did send Moses with Our Signs to Pharaoh and his chiefs, and he said, ‘I am truly a Messenger of the Lord of the worlds.’ (Al Quran 43:47)(Al Quran 7:105)
  •   Indeed , Pharaoh behaved arrogantly in the earth, and divided the people thereof into parties: he sought to weaken a party of them, slaying their sons, and sparing their women.Certainly, he was of the mischief makers. (Al Quran 28:05)
  •   Pharaoh proclaimed to be the lord himself and challenged the supreme authority of  Allah He said: ‘Who then is the Lord of you two, O Moses?’ (20:50)
  • ‘What then will be the fate of the former generations?’(Al Quran 20:52)
  •   ‘O chiefs, I know of no God for you other than myself; (Al Quran 23:39)
  •    “If thou takest a God  other than me, I will certainly put thee into prison.’ (Al Quran 26:30)rameses2
  • ‘ O my people! does not the kingdom of Egypt belong to me and these streams flowing under me? Do you not then  see? (Al Quran 43:52)
  •   His people didn’t accept the message because of fear of persecution.  According to the Holy Quran  And none obeyed Moses save some youths from among his people, because of the fear of Pharaoh and their chiefs, lest he should persecute them. And of a truth, Pharaoh was a tyrant in the land and surely he was of the transgressors. (10:84)(20:80)(23:47)
  •   Pharaoh challenged, ‘If thou (Moses) hast indeed come with a Sign, then produce it, if thou art of the truthful.’ (Al Quran 7:107)
  •   And We did show him (Pharaoh) Our Signs, all of them; but he rejected them and refused to believe . (Al Quran 20:57)(Al Quran 10:76) (Al Quran 17:02)

Prophet Musa explained to him again:

  •   ‘ Thou knowest well that none has sent down these Signs but the Lord Ten Plagues For Fir'ownof the heavens and the earth as so many evidences; and I certainly think thee, O Firown , to be a ruined man.’ (Al Quran 17:103)
  •   Firown invited wrath of God and in doing so he was a transgressor. He called Moses a ‘mad man, a magician a liar (Al Quran 40:25)
  •   And threatened to kill him (Al Quran 40:27).
  •   We (Allah) rehearse unto thee a portion of the story of Moses and Firown with truth, for the benefit of a people who would believe. (Al Quran 28:04)
  •   We sent Musa with Our Signs to Pharaoh and his chiefs, but they unjustly rejected them. Behold, then, what was the end of those who created disorder! (Al Quran 7:104)

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