Darwin Theory is Against the Word of Allah

Darwin’s theory or the theory of Evolution is still being taught in our schools and colleges as a proven scientific theory, and is a very important part of Biology. Though the theory is in direct conflict with our religious teachings. Prophet Adam and madam Hawwa were created by God and they did not evolve in some special environment. Some enlightened teachers feel that at the end of the day, our children should make their own decisions about science, religion and all of that. This is a dangerous trend and needs to be rooted out completely.

Darwin's theory or the theory of Evolution is still being taught


Charles Robert Darwin, (12 February 1809 – 19 April 1882) was an English naturalist. He established that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestors, and proposed the scientific theory that this branching pattern of evolution resulted from a process that he called natural selection, in which the struggle for                existence has a similar effect to the artificial selection involved in selective breeding.  A corollary to his theory could be  that humans are an advanced form of apes.


But both Darwin’s theory and his book are doomed by major flaws. Darwin’s theory was considered “wrong” because he could not show how the modifications occurred in individuals and how those modifications got passed to future generations. Gregor Mendel plugged the first gap with genetics. James Watson and Francis Crick plugged the second with the discovery of DNA. And there is still the “missing link” in the fossil record connecting man to the apes.

As for man being an advanced stage of apes, is totally rejected by all religions.  The Qur’an clearly states that Adam was created by Allah, and with His own hands, “He said, ‘Iblis, what prevented you prostrating to what I created with My own two hands?”[38:75   ]

Said He, Iblees, “ what prevented you to bow before that (creation)

Which I have created with my hands own

Are you too proud (to bow before creation another)

Or are you one of those, who think of themselves as much higher” (38:75) 95_4Also the man has been created in the best manner. (95:4).

Now if man was created at the dawn of creation, how could it be an advanced shape of apes. If he was created in the best manner, how could he be improved with the passage of time? Thus Darwin’s theory is totally against the religion, against the word of God.


Darwin’s theory of Evolution has influenced the minds of people and their character has been influenced as well.  Such people do not believe in divine morals and values. They do not believe in God, soul and Hereafter.  Islam says that God has created this universe and Humans with a specified goal. 

Islam believes in the theory of creation and Darwinists believe in the Theory of Evolution. The fact of creation stands in opposition to the theory of evolution. According to the creationist view, matter has not existed for all time and therefore is controlled. God created matter out of nothing and gave it order. All things, living as well as non-living, came into being by God’s creation. The amazing design, calculation, equilibrium, and order seen in the universe and in living things are clear evidence of this. The atheists and the materialists negate the existence of God and consider human life and even mind to be a form of matter.

For example, Allah reveals how He miraculously created the universe from nothing:2_117

The creator of the earth and heavens

And when He decrees a thing; He only says, “Be”, and it is done

(2: 117)


His command when He desires a thing, is to say “Be”

And it is ready (36: 82)

This fundamental difference between religion and atheism is that the former believes in God, while the latter believes in materialism. When Allah asks those who deny, He draws attention to the claims that they assert in order to reject creation: “Or were they created out of nothing, or are they the creators?” (Qur’an, 52:35). Ever since the dawn of time, those who deny creation have claimed that humanity and the universe were not created and have sought to justify this irrational and illogical claim. Their greatest support came in the nineteenth century, thanks to Darwin’s theory.

It is clear from these words that we are not talking about a scientific debate, but a war of ideas waged by evolutionists in a framework of certain strategies. Muslims who defend evolution must be aware of this. Darwinism is not a scientific thesis; rather, it is a system of thought designed to lead people to deny God. As this theory has no scientific foundation, Muslims must not allow themselves to be misled by its arguments and thereby give it any support, no matter how well-intentioned.


Who created seven heavens

In layer formation

 You do not see any imperfection

In the all Merciful’s creation

                                                     Cast again your stare

Do you see any fissure? (67: 3)


                                    Then again and again turn your vision

Dazzled and weary shall be its return  (67: 4)


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Harun Yahya

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