Ants Speak – Another Quran’s  Amazing  Miracle

Scientists have discovered that ants routinely talk to each other in their nests with the queen ants issuing instructions to their workers.

Scientists used miniaturized microphones and speakers, unobtrusively inserted into nest to make the first recordings of queen ants “speaking” to each other. Researchers also discovered that other insects can mimic the ants to make them slaves.

Researchers found that queen ants make subtle sounds that signal their special status to worker ants. Caterpillars have learnt to mimic this sound which earns them higher status so that they are rescued before others if a colony is disturbed.

 As part of this research, researchers placed miniature speakers into the nest Antsand played back sounds by a queen which persuaded ants to stand to attention. Researchers said that the ants would press their antennae to the speaker just as they would seek to greet another ant in the nest.

The Holy Quran is always in complete agreement with the scientific findings. (Allah gifted prophet Sulaiman with the ability to hear and understand these sounds, which even to-day’s science cannot correctly understand. ).

Allah in the Quran [Surah 27 verses 18-19] mentions that ants have their own language:


Till, when they came upon a valley (full) of ants, an ant shouted (with scare)

“Oh ants get into your dwellings, lest Suleman and his hosts crush you: being unaware (27:18)


But he smiled, laughing at its words and started saying

“My Lord inspire me that I may be thankful for your blessing

With which you have graced me and my father and mother

And that I may do what is right that will give you pleasure

And include me by your gracious acts

Among your righteous servants” (27:19)

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Harun Yahya

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