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About This Blog


Quran being the word of Allah , was initially explained to the servants of Allah , by the last prophet of Allah. But the words of Allah, apart from the teachings to follow the commands of Allah, also contained many hidden miracles , some of the which related to the meaning of  Quran, not being clear at some time. But with the advancement of modern science ,  meaning of such sentences are getting clarity . It is amazing to see the modern science certifying the truth of many statements of Quran.

An example to elaborate could be our first post in this blog. This is regarding Quranic ayat (55:37). The exact translation or the word by word translation of this ayat is  “When the sky shall asunder (explode and die), it shall  turn into molten rose flower”. Now human brain finds it very difficult to adjust to the idea that a dying star shall turn into molten rose flower. Thus the translations even by the most learned scholars never mentioned the word “rose flower” in their translations.

When the modern science equipment, the Hubble Telescope, went up the air and sent pictures about stars which were at great distances like 4000 light years and more, it sent the pictures of a dying star, which was dying since about 10 years and the gases had given it the shape of a molten rose flower. This picture is included here, and many people, when shown this picture, stated that it is that of a rose flower, so close is the resemblance. So correct was also the statement of Allah , but for the limitations of the human brain.

In the coming blog, we hope to explain to you how “google earth” has certified that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was right.

Such clarifications of Quranic statements , as certified by the modern science are probably known to many people. The idea of this blog is to high light all such ayat and related statements. It shall be great honour for us if such staments are sent by you (the reader) and we shall be pleased to print all such posts along with your name and e-mail (Only if you so desire).

May Allah’s blessings be with you all.


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Retired as Aeronautical Engineer, and worked as a journalist for a long time. Settled down to dedicate myself to the service of the religion. Have translated holy Quran in poetry, and I am in the process of writing Tafsir. I encourage all interested to send articles to this website, where the articles shall be printed with their own names. If you like an article, please "Like' in the "Facebook box" on right side

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