A Miraculous Russian Baby


Born to Non-Muslim Parents, a Russian baby has caused stir in society, by the frequent appearance of Quranic verses on her body. Parents and doctors initially thought the verses as some kind of birth-marks, till after seeing photographs , the local Imam confirmed them as Quranic verses.

Born to Non-Muslim parents, a Russian baby has become a symbol of Allah’s miracles, with the frequent appearnace and dis-appearance of Quranic verses on his body

The Yakubov family which lives in the village of Krasnoktia prskaya in the region of Kizlar in Dagestan gave birth to a strange baby.  Qur’anic verses in Arabic have reportedly appeared on the body of a nine-month old boy named Ali Yakubov  . Subhan Allah, Quran verses appear on baby’s skin once a week, usually on Fridays . Allegedly, the words appear on the child’s arms, legs and stomach of the nine month old Ali – before fading away and being replaced with new verses. He gets sick when the verses appear, and he feels good when it disappears. some of the verses that were photographed (in Arabic)  on baby’s body say :-

We shall certainly, reveal our knowledge (of their doings) to them   (7: 07)

2_283 part-1

And do not conceal the testimony

And whosoever conceals it, at heart, is guilty  (2:283)


 Say, “ Allah is the creator of everything  (13:16)

We shall show these signs to them, in themselves and in the horizons (41:53)

And the Prophet ‘s  Hadith,

 “if you knew what I know, you would laugh a little and weep a lot”

Since his birth, birthmarks in the form of Arabic script have been
Russian babay-1appearing on Ali’s body. First, there were individual letters but then Arabic texts began appearing, the Russian-language Vesti news channel quoted his parents as saying on Thursday. “First, there was a hematoma on his chin. When the bruise went off, we saw the word “Allah” Ali’s mother Madina Yakubova said.

The parents were not religious people, and were certaainly not Arabic speaking. But their religious views have changed after the Russian babay-2boy’s miracle. His mother said that these inscriptions have appeared since his birth and at the approach of the sacred month Ramadan, these Koranic verses appeared on the skin. The last verses that we filmed can be translated as Allah (Unique God) is the Creator of everything. When these inscriptions begin to appear, the temperature of the child rises and he begins to cry.

 Russian babay-3The nurse Rasulova said: ” from a medical point of view, I cannot explain that ” . The appearances of these Koranic verses remain a phenomenon which one can explain scientifically. All that we can say it is that they appear with an ascent of the temperature. Ali is the 2nd child of this family and we did not notice this phenomenon with his sister and until this day, the scientific authorities remain silent.

The TV channel reported that Ali was first diagnosed with “ischemic heart disease of the second degree” and “infantile cerebral paralysis” in the maternity clinic. However, after the inexplicable events began happening, he was examined again and found healthy.

Other sources claim that the parents didn’t at first know what sort of marks were continually appearing on the little boy’s body. They photographed the markings and showed them to doctors who couldn’t give any explanation for the “birthmarks” and it wasn’t until they began clearly to resemble some kind of script that they took them to the local imam, who recognised them as verses from the Qur’an.

But the oddest thing in his story is the reaction of the local Salafis. You would have thought that a Muslim miracle famous as far away as Moscow would have cheered them up; but, no. they have threatened to burn down the family’s house because the baby’s father is a policeman, and thus an agent of the infidel Russian government.

The incident has been drawing hundreds of Dagestani Muslims to Ali’s home everyday, prompting local authorities to guard the house round-the-clock.


We shall show these signs to them, in themselves and in the horizons

Till it is clear to them that true (are these revelations)

Does it not suffice that their Sustainer

To everything is witnessing over? (41:53)

Should we not understand that these verses are a reminder to the humanity, to mend their way in accordance with the teachings of Islam.

Islamic verses of Quran on a Russian baby boy…

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