A Lesson For Those, Blessed With Insight

Few months back, we heard news about a disgraceful personality, who had the cheeks to make caricature cartoons of our beloved holy Prophet. Somebody in the Muslim world should have taken a tough stand, unfortunately none did it. His own government which cannot tolerate a word against the so called Jewish genocide of holocaust, considered the insult of our prophet as “freedom of expression”. But they forgot the “Freedom of Action” by God almighty.

They forgot what Quran says in (33:57)


man in fire

Kurt Westergaard of Denmark, aged 75, made 12 insulting cartoons of our beloved Prophet in 2005. This caused anger, protests and many deaths in many countries. Insulting Allah or his Prophets causes Allah’s rage and thus he got burnt like a charcoal in his very tight security home, and may also burn in fire in the hereafter for many million or billion years. The man got condemned in both the worlds.

Those who hurt Allah and His Messenger

Allah has cursed them in this world, and in hereafter for them are sufferings humbler

(Quran- 33:57)

Thus fell upon him , Allah’s annoyance in this world, and probably his fate in the next world is also doomed. The picture below speaks it all.

Allah Tells --The man who made cartoons of

The disgraced person, burnt in the fire, stayed in agony for few days, and then went to the next world , to burn there for few million or few billion years.The investigators were surprised to find that the fired had not burnt any other item, and the electricity wiring was also not damaged. Only God knows what caused him into this a piece of coal.



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